Liverpool Supporters’ Union statement on LFC’s new six-tier ticket structure for 2013/2014

Last Friday Liverpool FC announced increases of up to 9% in season ticket prices for the Main Stand, Paddock, Centenary Stand and Anfield Road Stand. In the midst of austerity, with redundancies and cut-backs a daily reality for many supporters, these inflation-busting price rises are an insult to long-standing supporters who have already suffered a massive 716% price rise since 1989. So much for Lord Justice Taylor’s post-Hillsborough recommendation that: “it should be possible to plan a price structure which suits the cheapest seats to the pockets of those presently paying to stand.”

Supporters in the Main Stand and Paddock endure facilities that survived the Shankly era redevelopment, with so-called “concourses” dating back to 1907, while the cramped seating in the Lower Centenary has been notorious since that structure was built as the Kemlyn Road stand in 1963. Paddock seats now designated as the second best in the stadium are effectively restricted view, with supporters being unable to see down the near touchline without leaving their seats. It is our guess that not one of Liverpool’s multiple “owners” has ever watched a match from any of these seats and that none of them have ever availed themselves of the so-called “facilities” in the Paddock or Main Stand or emerged from a game with a case of “Kemlyn Road Kneecap”! If we are wrong, then more shame on them for believing £815 to £850 is fair price to pay for “the product” on offer.
While the announcement regarding Kop season tickets is a relief to many, it is our belief that ticket prices are already too high, pricing out many of those that kept the club on its feet during its darkest days. Spirit of Shankly is already working with away supporters to build a national campaign to fight for a reduced away ticket prices. We urge supporters facing these price rises to join with the club’s regular away following, Spirit of Shankly and the national supporters organisations in saying “Enough is enough – football without fans is nothing”
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