NFC Passes for Travelling Fans

As part of the recently formed fan forums set-up by the club, representatives of Spirit of Shankly and the Supporters Board were advised that some Premier League clubs would be using NFC this season, in place of paper tickets, for away supporters.

This week sales began for the away fixtures at Tottenham, on 30 September, and Brighton, on 8 October, with some tickets issued via NFC.

As this is now underway, we wanted to let our membership know about the conversations in which we were involved and the concerns we flagged.

  • A suggestion was made that in order to ensure a smooth flow at the turnstiles, not all the away section would have NFC access.

  • Following the issues that supporters experienced with the introduction of NFC at Anfield early last season, and as we have seen at the Emirates, we asked for assurances that a robust plan be put in place in case of similar problems on the day.

  • Travelling supporters might have difficulty or be unable to charge their phones – what mechanisms have been put in place to mitigate such challenges?

  • Finally, assurances were sought in relation to the transfer of tickets should a purchasing supporter not be able to attend.