NFT Launch

Liverpool FC today launched an official collection of NFTs.

In January, Spirit of Shankly attended a two-hour meeting with the club, as part of the revised approach to open engagement, in order to discuss their plans for this new venture. NFTs are a digital phenomenon that have exploded over the past year and we asked them why they were considering a move into this market.

We were able to challenge, scrutinise, and question their desire to enter into this. We also raised concerns about financial, environmental sustainability and other risks involved.

LFC do not require our consent in relation to merchandise and up to now we have not endorsed any LFC merchandise, digital or otherwise and similarly it is not for us to endorse this product.

It is a fan’s decision alone what they choose to buy from the club. We only hope that the risk involved here is apparent and we expect LFC to assess this marketplace constantly and communicate with supporters.