No More Lies

From the moment UEFA displayed the message on the giant screens inside Stade de France on Saturday: Due to the late arrival of fans, the match has been delayed, we knew what was happening. The false narrative had begun.

UEFA and the French authorities quickly changed tack to say actually it was because of fans turning up without tickets. European football’s governing body had apparently been given this information by local media and ran with it. Not for a second did they think to check its validity. 

Even before the game had kicked off the blame shift was underway. UEFA, the French authorities and media excuse machines in overdrive. But with supporters witnessing what was happening, and the power of social media they were quickly exposed. So the narrative changed to ticket forgeries. Another shameful lie.

The chaos and mismanagement of Saturday was a prime example of UEFA and the local authorities’ failure to prepare. 

SOS, with positive help from Football Supporters Europe and French fan representatives, have been working alongside the media and LFC to expose the false accusations and over the past 48 hours there has been a significant change in reporting where culpability lies.

We have seen UEFA crumble and agree to a first ever independent inquiry, strategically shifting away from the French authorities. 

The French people and some of the media are exposing the lies and mistruths of their own government ministers, even calling for resignations. And we have received a letter from Richard Bouigue, Deputy Mayor of the 12th arrondissement, and Liverpool Fanzone Liaison in which he praises Liverpool supporters and calls for an independent inquiry of the French authorities (see below).

SOS have received many powerful testimonies from our members and we know events on Saturday were shambolic and deeply traumatising for many. We owe all LFC fans, in fact all football fans, a strong and robust challenge to those who created that situation and followed it by perpetrating lies. 

We are doing that and significantly our messages are being heard. The tide is turning and fans are becoming the solution and not the problem.

We will continue over the coming weeks, for however long it takes, to work to bring those responsible to account. Thank you for all your support.