Premier League Money for Away Fan Initiatives

The Liverpool Supporters’ Union has been advised that a pot of money, around £4 million, sourced from PL revenues has been made available to split between all Premier League Clubs. This means that each Club has received around  £200,000 with the proviso that this money is spent on initiatives to improve the experience for away fans.
Some Clubs have already announced kids tickets at reduced prices, free away travel or chartered trains at discount prices.
The Liverpool Supporters Union fully believe that this step has been taken in response to the campaign by fans from across the country for cheaper tickets. We welcome this news and hope that this move  is just the start,  with the Premier League, sponsors and Clubs giving back to their fans in a variety of ways.
This move shows that the football cartel CAN give back to fans who have been increasingly fleeced by the Clubs they support.
It is OUR Game so why shouldn’t we get something back?
Liverpool Football Club have yet to announce how they are planning to use their allotted money. We hope they will give serious consideration to using it to reduce increasingly exorbitant ticket prices and not to improve catering and other facilities.
The Liverpool Supporters’ Union will be stepping up its campaign for cheaper tickets throughout the season and continue to target LFC sponsors to make tickets affordable for everyone, with the ultimate aim of affordable tickets for all fans watching their team, home and away.
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