Protests and investors

Following  the Management  Committee’s recent meeting with Christian Purslow, and the controversy over Mr Purslow denying the Committee’s minutes of that meeting,  we would like to clarify our position regarding protests and potential investment.  

Spirit Of Shankly was formed as a result of fan’s increasing anger at how Tom Hicks and George Gillett were running the football club. Since our inception, we have encompassed many issues such as ticketing and travel, but our current primary focus is to seek the removal of the present ownership. This has always been the case, and will always be the case  until they leave, due to their broken promises and continued lies, as well as their abject failure as “custodians”.

We want new ownership of the football club, we want owners who don’t make false promises or tell lies. Any new owner or investor will be heavily scrutinised. This is not an indictment on them as individuals or as organisations, but as the saying goes, “Once bitten, twice shy”.

We will hold all future owners to account, but this is not something that should deter new owners, or those interested in the club. This only shows how much we care, and want the best for our football club, and to not repeat the shambolic off the field situation that we have had since the present incumbents arrived .

Any new owners or investors, will be afforded the opportunity to do what is right, and act as custodians. They will not be blamed for the problems created by Tom Hicks and George Gillett, but if fans see them stray down the same path, the reaction is likely to be even more vociferous as it has been so far. Any potential owner or investor put off by  us wanting what is best for the Club will quite simply just not be good enough for LFC.

To help alleviate any concerns held by potential investors or owners, we would urge them to speak with us to discuss their intentions for our Club, and to help them better understand the fan base, and why we do what we do – which is quite simply because we care!

Those running the football club continually talk about the fans being the 12th man. It is these same fans who are protesting now, angry at how their football club is being run. They want to protest. You can’t have it both ways Mr Purslow.