Season 22/23

Following the LFC announcement on Tuesday 12 July 2022 regarding policy changes for members tickets and the way that credits will apply from the new season.

We acknowledge that these changes will bring positives for many supporters, but we’re also aware that for others, the effects will be negative.

For some regular matchgoers, the matchday experience and culture will change as passing on last-minute spare tickets is only possible to those on a friends and family list. But it’s not always possible to think of every person you want on that list until an event arises – passing a ticket to a mate so they can take their kid for their birthday for example. Previously that could be done without it impacting how you attend the game in future seasons. Now it can’t. Unlimited friends and family is good, but it doesn’t allow for unforseen events.

We also acknowledge that there will be those who don’t qualify for tickets as they’ve used a spare from a friend, but missed the number of 13 credits for the following season. Whichever way it is viewed, these changes will have a significant impact on this culture.

Looking ahead to the season, the ever-evolving situation with Covid together with the cost-of-living crisis will impact how many attend the game. As a result of the new system, members, who in more usual circumstances, regularly attend the match could be penalised.

Spirit of Shankly made strong representations on behalf of all groups of supporters. We resisted and challenged certain aspects of the new policy and have asked that the club consider, monitor and review these, and work with us and supporters as the season progresses.

LFC have assured us that they expect the bar for the members sale to drop in future seasons as a result of these changes, plus development of the Anfield Road stand, as more tickets will become available.