Response to the manager’s contract and the owners

Spirit Of Shankly welcomes Rafael Benitez agreeing to a new four year contract at Liverpool FC. It would appear that the manager has received the necessary reassurances allowing him to do his job, and the position of manager is finally being properly recognised to ensure stability with on the pitch matters.

However off the pitch, much remains unresolved. Fans have not been given any reassurances and have been left guessing as to what is actually going on behind the scenes at our club.

Tom Hicks, in his interview with LFC TV talked of his “growing, strengthening relationship” with the manager. This being the same manager that co-owner George Gillett publicly criticised at an impromptu meeting with Spirit Of Shankly a few weeks back. At the meeting, Gillett questioned the managers position, and the role he felt the manager played in Liverpool being overtaken by Manchester United. Quite a contrast to what he is saying now: Gillett added: “With Rafa continuing to manage the team, we can look forward to more great football and success on the pitch. He has special abilities and qualities which are admired here at the club and around the world. Coming after our excellent wins over Real Madrid and Manchester United, this gives us great momentum going into the final stages of the season.” Never mind “growing” or “strengthening”, the relationship between Gillett and Hicks appears to be non existent, with Gillett appearing to change his mind to win favour from fans.

Gillett said when we spoke to him that he can’t speak for Hicks, but he is “open” to selling.. Hicks on the other hand tells us he will be staying for the next five years and although he can’t speak for Gillett, he thinks he might stay, despite what Gillett has said previously. The fact that they can’t speak for each other, not to mention the farcical physical separation at the Chelsea game last month, all suggests the relationship between them is as dysfunctional as ever.

Despite jointly owning the football club, there is rarely a joint statement, from both Hicks and Gillett. It is painfully clear, that Hicks and Gillett do not have any kind of relationship, let alone a working one. Allowing this to continue will only further damage the future of the football club. The club learnt through the ill-fated Houllier and Evans idea, that partnerships don’t work. This one isn’t working either.

It’s time that the owners gave the supporters some more “great news”. Tell us how and when you are going to deliver the additional investment the club desperately needs or tell us when you are going. Both of you. And soon. Then, we just might raise a smile.

No money, No Credibility, No Honesty, No Integrity, No Dignity, No Custodians. Hicks and Gillett Out – Now!

Spirit Of Shankly

ol Football Club.