Reverse auction winning bids

The winners of the photographs from the reverse auction have now been notified and we are arranging to have their photographs delivered. The winning bids for the photographs are as follows:

Photograph 1 Lowest Bid:£2.01

Photograph 2 Lowest Bid:£2.02
Photograph 3 Lowest Bid:£2.00 
Photograph 4 Lowest Bid:£2.00
Photograph 5 Lowest Bid:£2.09
Photograph 6 Lowest Bid:£2.06
Photograph 7 Lowest Bid:£2.03
Photograph 8 No bids
Photograph 9 No bids
Photograph 10 Lowest Bid:£2.03
Photograph 11 No bid
Photograph 12 Lowest Bid:£2.03
Photograph 13 Lowest Bid:£2.13
Photograph 14 Lowest Bid:£2.02
Photograph 15 Lowest Bid:£2.04
Photograph 16 Lowest Bid:£2.17
We will be offering postcard-sized versions of these images for sale on our website in the near future so keep an eye on the site for more details.