Spirit of Shankly launches Child / Youth sections

Spirit of Shankly is pleased to announce the launch of our Child and Youth Memberships. These will cover all young supporters under the age of eighteen and will be completely free of charge. There are two sections to reflect the differing needs with the Child membership open to supporters from 0 – 11 years old and the Youth membership for those from 12 – 17 years old inclusive. This will allow us to further provide for young supporters and help represent their needs.

Both tiers of membership will include a certificate and a Spirit of Shankly badge. To join, visit our join page and ensure you select the tier of membership according to the age of the young supporter.

If you wish to volunteer with any future activities for Child / Youth members or have any other enquiries about these new tiers of membership you can contact us at youth@spiritofshankly.com.

You can view our Child Protection Policy here.