European away game ticket collections

This week, LFC announced selling arrangements for the Champions League fixture away to Rangers on 12 October and that some supporters will have to collect their tickets on arrival in Glasgow.

Spirit of Shankly remain completely opposed to ticket collections for European away games. We, along with other supporter groups, made the strongest representation to the club, but they have decided to proceed.

There are multiple reasons for opposing ticket collections, but the main one is that they destroy the matchday experience. They are a total inconvenience to fans who spend a lot of money travelling and use their hard-earned leave to get there.

Fans are often treated badly when abroad, kettled by police, subject to over-zealous searches, kept in the ground, and to have needless disruption from our own club adds to the malaise.

LFC have reduced the number of attendees asked to collect and in place of a collection, some supporters will be asked to verify their attendance with an NFC pass. We understand the desire to ensure the match attendee is rewarded, and welcome considered alternatives to collections. This was suggested as an alternative. However the club have decided to trial this not instead of collection, but alongside.

The majority of supporters travelling to Ibrox will be on a day trip, arriving within hours of kick-off, and are likely to be dropped off, by coach, at the stadium. Those who have to collect a ticket will have to leave the stadium to pick it up at a location somewhere in the city.

We have raised the following concerns with LFC and await their response:

  • It is not a legal obligation to carry ID in the UK, but in order to collect a ticket it will be required in Glasgow.
  • Depending on where the collection point is, there is a chance of missing kick-off. Will LFC reimburse the cost?
  • Given many will drive to Ibrox will there be parking facilities at the collection point?
  • For fans’ “safety and security” travel advice often recommends not convening in large groups. Asking supporters to travel, and inevitably queue, to collect tickets contravenes this advice. What happens if there is an incident?
  • What allowances will be made for disabled/less able fans?
  • What measures will be taken to ensure the location is accessible? The location in Lisbon last season was not suitable.
  • If collecting a ticket comes at an additional cost having to take a taxi, bus, train to get there, will this be reimbursed?

We have also asked for a breakdown of attendance data over the past five seasons and await their response.