Tom Hicks – Everton

The Spirit of Shankly Management Committee have been asked by members about any planned protests for the match against Everton tomorrow.

The background to our protests generally is that we liaise with the local police regarding anything planned to make things as safe and organised for all as much as possible.

This involves us indicating to the police when we have information relating to visits by the owners and that as a result we plan to protest.

Previously the police, relying upon information from the Club, have told us in good faith that there was to be no attendance or otherwise by the owners but on one occasion this proved not to be the case as happened at the Arsenal match.

We have spoken to the police a number of times this week indicating that we understood that Tom Hicks would be attending the match and that as a result there would be demonstrations within the city, the Anfield area, the Shankly gates and after the match.

Initial feedback from the Club via the police was that while Hicks was in the country the Club “didn’t know” if he was likely to attend the match. We indicated that in those circumstances our protests were going to continue.

Shortly afterwards, we were informed by the police that they had insisted upon a better answer from the Club as if Hicks was not attending there would be no protest and not unreasonably the police needed to plan their resources. The message from the Club was that in those circumstances Hicks would not be attending the game despite being in the city today for meetings.

The police fully understand the destruction of confidence that there will be if Hicks does now subsequently appear at the match but on the basis that we are relying upon the assurances communicated via the police we have decided that there will be no protest at the ground tomorrow allowing us to do what we all want to do, which is to get behind the team.

So the message continues to get through “Tom and George – You’re Still Not Welcome Here