Tom Hicks Junior – Resignation

Spirit of Shankly welcomes the resignation of Tom Hicks Junior from the Board of Liverpool FC and its parent company.

This Club has standards – on the field, off the field, on the terraces and in the Boardroom.

The standards we have seen exercised in the Boardroom have been unbefitting of this great Club since Hicks Junior, his father, George Gillett and other associates arrived at the Club, with false promises.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett bought the club and talked of respecting the legacy and tradition, as well as family values, the club being passed onto their children. If these are the kind of values they see fit for Liverpool Football Club, and this is how they respect our legacies and traditions, it underlines the need to remove them from the club.

The action taken by the Union to publicise and seek Tom Hicks Junior’s removal is another part of us saying “If you won’t recognise our standards then we will remind you again and again until you do”.

The action taken here by the Union and fans shows that we do have some power and influence. All that is needed now is for Dad, Uncle George and the rest of the entourage to follow.

Tom and George you’re still “Not Welcome”

Join OUR fight, to reclaim OUR club.