Twenty’s Plenty for FA Cup

LIverpool FC have again been drawn to play Everton FC in the Third Round of the FA Cup. The match is due to be played during the first weekend in January 2020.
The tie comes on the back of the expensive Christmas period. During December, both sets of supporters between them will have paid for 15 fixtures, plus the World Club Cup for those LFC fans who travelled.
A derby is always a great occasion. Rivals on the pitch, off it fans of both clubs remain solidly behind Twenty’s Plenty – a campaign to make going to the match affordable.
Blue Union and Spirit of Shankly together call on both clubs to provide a gesture of seasonal goodwill and cap ticket prices at £20 each for this cup tie.
The game will be televised generating enough revenue to allow such action affordable. And with a guarantee that one of the clubs will progress in the competition.
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