Hillsborough Law is Rejected

We need a Hillsborough Law Today’s announcement from the government, 6 December 2023, in which it has rejected the Hillsborough Law reforms, is contemptible. This campaign has never been just about Liverpool supporters, victims of the Hillsborough disaster or their families and survivors, but a process to prevent police cover-ups in the future.  Having a Hillsborough Law was pivotal to the report by the former bishop of Liverpool James Jones published in 2017 and commissioned by the government. Entitled The Patronising Disposition of Unaccountable Power, it was aimed at ensuring the pain and suffering of the [...]

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Man City v Liverpool police briefing

Man City v Liverpool police briefing Earlier this week, ahead of the game away to Manchester City tomorrow, Spirit of Shankly attended a police briefing, alongside representatives from LFC, MCFC and City’s supporters trust. We were able to ask questions on behalf of supporters, but the primary aim was for the police to share their plans for the day. As has been the case recently, this fixture is deemed ‘high risk’. The stated aim of the police is to reduce this and make it safe enough so that it doesn’t have to be a 12.30 lunch-time [...]

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The Flag Policy at LFC

A Statement Spirit of Shankly are in constant dialogue with the club regarding all issues that affect supporters. Regarding flags in the stadium relating to Israel or Palestine, we understand the club have followed the Premier League policy of banning them to avoid incidents in the ground. Our members have expressed a range of opinions about this in correspondence with us, from supporting a neutral stance to pro-Palestine to pro-Israel. We are a club with a global supporter base. It is clear from requests we have received for support that we have fans on both sides [...]

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Why do Sky Sports want to steal Christmas?

Why do Sky Sports want to steal Christmas? No one should need reminding what Christmas is all about. No one, it seems apart from out-of-touch TV executives, who only see the product and don’t see the people. Spirit of Shankly oppose Premier League football on Christmas Eve and we strongly condemn the decision, driven by Sky Sports, to reschedule the Wolves v Chelsea fixture to this special family day. The attempt to force football into a fixture nobody asked for stinks of arrogance and ignorance – a view further enforced by media briefings that the decision [...]

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Anfield Road

Latest Development The latest news regarding the expansion of the Anfield Road stand is that it will not be completed until the start of 2024 at the earliest. This is obviously hugely disappointing for everyone connected to Liverpool FC, especially supporters. This delay has had an impact on thousands of match-going fans who bought a ticket for the upper tier for 2023 fixtures in good faith. We have heard from season-ticket holders, members with previous seasons’ credits, those who paid for hospitality and official supporters clubs members who now face missing out on matches, starting with [...]

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Diversity statement

Diversity Statement Spirit of Shankly is an inclusive supporters union. We have a diverse management committee, representing disability, LGBTQ, different religions and cultures. We also have a diverse membership and represent members from our local fan base to those around the world. If any of our members experience racial, cultural, sexist, homophobic or disability discrimination and need assistance please get in touch. We treat all cases confidentially. Join Renew Donate Back to Latest News >> [...]

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Solidarity with Kop Outs

Solidarity As Pride in Liverpool returns to the city this Saturday, 29 July, Spirit of Shankly will again march alongside our friends and colleagues Kop Outs. We are proud to stand with Kop Outs as active allies in their work to tackle discrimination in football and, marching with them, show they’ll never walk alone in speaking out against hate crimes. We encourage all our members and supporters to strive for the rights of all LGBT+ people to live their lives absolutely and without persecution. Join us on Saturday. Pride March Saturday 29 July, St George's [...]

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The Derby – Enough is Enough

The Derby - Enough is Enough The Derby. The big one. The one we all look forward to. The one where the actual game has become a sideshow to the noise and vitriol surrounding it. Racism, violence, homophobia, the dead mocked with actions, chants, flags, memorials defaced, murals vandalised … All of it indefensible. There is no argument in it being ‘just a minority’. The minority is growing, we’ve crossed a line. On Saturday, in response to the recent gun crime and tragic deaths of a nine-year-old girl and others, a banner was unfurled at [...]

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AGM Voting Results

All Proposals Pass in Favour Following the Spirit of Shankly AGM, on Saturday 27 November 2021, members have voted on the motions discussed at the meeting. All proposals were carried in favour. Each motion was formally proposed and seconded by members of the management committee. Full Results: 1 – Management Committee  In favour: 99.6% 2 – Recording of Thanks to former SOS Management Committee members  In favour: 99.7% 3 – Annual Accounts  In favour: 99.4% 4 – Auditing  In favour: 98.9% 5 – Engaging with LFC: Formation of the Supporters Board  In favour: 98.9% 6 [...]

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Rainbow Laces Campaign 2019

Rainbow Laces Campaign 2019 Football has an amazing power to bring people together, yet four in every ten LGBT people don't think sport is welcoming or feel welcome at sporting events. Supporting a team, or joining a side and taking part can brings energy, and a sense of community and belonging. We all need to play our part to make football a game for everyone Spirit of Shankly are proud to stand together with Kop Outs, Proud Cherries and the whole LGBT community at Liverpool's game away to Bournemouth, on Saturday 7 December, where we will support Stonewall's 2019/20 Rainbow Laces [...]

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