Cancelled flight follow-up

The result may not have gone our way, but for the majority of Liverpool supporters who made it to Kyiv for the Champions League final, it was the culmination of an exciting season following the Reds. But, there are also many fans who never made it after their flights were cancelled.

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2018 Final in Kiev

European Cup finals are special. Everyone knows just where they were and how they felt. We remember them by the name of the city where they were played and a standout that happened. Istanbul and the comeback. Paris and Barney's chip. Rome and Bruce’s spaghetti legs. Kiev and exploitation.

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If this means more, show it

On Tuesday 15 May, Spirit Of Shankly met with LFC to discuss supporter concerns ahead of the Champions League final in Kyiv. We posted a factual report of what took place here.

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Meeting with LFC about Kyiv

Earlier today, 15 May, Spirit of Shankly representatives sat down with LFC officials to raise many of the issues facing supporters ahead of the Champions League final in Kyiv.

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Roma away prices

On Friday 20 April, tickets go on sale for the away leg of Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League semi-final against Roma. Once again, as happened against Porto earlier in the competition, Liverpool fans are being asked to pay a premium.

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