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Debts, deadlines, lies and sales

On the pitch, Liverpool move into yet another European semi-final. Off the pitch, we move even further into a financial unknown, with more twists, more speculation and more actions that leave questions rather than answers. 

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Tom and George – Fit and proper?

The failure by the Premier League to take into account the track record of Tom and George when establishing them as 'fit and proper' is naïve at best and criminal at worst. It is time for those who regulate the game to do what they should have done three years ago - Look at exactly who and what Tom Hicks and George Gillett are really about.

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Frying pan and fire?

The Spirit of Shankly are aware of credible reports that Liverpool Football Club may be subject to significant investment from the Rhone Group - an organisation described variously as an "investment vehicle" or "hedge fund".

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SOS statement on RBS boycott in press

The Spirit Of Shankly, the Liverpool Supporters' Union, is aware of plans by several Liverpool fans to launch a boycott of the Royal Bank of Scotland and its products and services should they refinance the current debts of Liverpool Football Club.

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Direct action banners

As part of the ongoing campaign to ensure that Tom Hicks and George Gillett are made not welcome at Anfield, we would like to urge our members, and Liverpool fans, to keep in mind the need for a visual message of what we as fans want - Hicks and Gillett out.

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Protests and investors

Following  the Management  Committee's recent meeting with Christian Purslow, and the controversy over Mr Purslow denying the Committee's minutes of that meeting,  we would like to clarify our position regarding protests and potential investment.  

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SOS comment on Christian Purslow

Members now have the chance to review the two versions of the minutes of the meeting the Union Management Committee had with Christian Purslow on the 21st January. While we welcome the dialogue we have with the senior management at the Club it was disappointing that time on the evening was limited and the Club was not able to agree the minutes in good time or at all, afterwards.

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