Tom Hicks Jnr – Resign Now!

Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool Supporters Union,  are calling for the resignation of LFC Board member Thomas Hicks Junior after his foul mouthed response to a Union member's polite enquiry about the funding challenge facing Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez during this transfer window.

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George Gillett – We don’t believe you!

George Gillett. A billionaire (apparently). Fifty percent owner of Liverpool Football Club. A man who never has and never will understand what Liverpool Football Club is all about, no matter how much he has or hasn't got sitting in the bank.

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Direct action from Saturday

Spirit Of Shankly has a clear message for George Gillett and Tom Hicks - You're not welcome here. The sooner they get that message, the better, for LFC, its fans, and for the wider community.

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George Gillett – You’re not welcome here!

George Gillett intends to visit Anfield tomorrow. His reasons behind coming are to talk to visitors about LFC branded academies across the Middle East and to talk about his 'beloved' NASCAR. An all expenses paid trip to Anfield is obviously the best way to do this.

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LFC – The next Leeds?

Competing in the Champions League, reaching the semi-final stages. Doing well in the Premier League. An ownership of the football club, that has borrowed heavily against its success, reliant on its continued appearance in the lucrative Champions League and on money from ever-increasing television deals to service the debts.

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West Ham United – Leafletting

Following on from the agreement at last Saturday's EGM, Spirit Of Shankly is asking for volunteers to assist with the distribution of leaflets amongst fans at this weekend's away game at West Ham United.

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Statement from Karen Gill

This year is a very important year. It's exactly half a century since my granddad came to Anfield and the massive success story of Liverpool Football Club began.

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