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Members presentation Q&A

Members presentation Q&A These are the questions, and answers, received before, during and after the SOS members meeting on Tuesday 1 June 2021. Some were answered ‘live’ on the night, the others we are working through. We will continue to update this list over the next few days. Representation / Supporters Board In what format will the Supporters Board be set up: how many members, when and how often will they meet, will the meetings be instigated only as and when there are major issues to be raised and discussed? SOS: These are still details [...]

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Presentation to SOS Membership

Presentation to SOS Membership Spirit of Shankly held an online meeting on Tuesday 1 June 2021 to update members on the recent talks with LFC and the four requests made of the club. Members had the opportunity to ask questions and voice their opinions ahead of a members vote with regards to the establishment of: • Contractual recognition between SOS and LFC • Amendment of LFC Articles of Association to include the setting up of a Supporters Board with the power to ratify strategic decisions and embed supporter engagement legally Thanks to everyone who attended [...]

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Agreement reached after talks with LFC

Agreement reached after talks with LFC Spirit of Shankly met with representatives of Liverpool FC’s board on Tuesday 18 May 2021 to continue talks on the union’s four requests. We can now report the outcome – to be ratified by members. A Supporters Board is to be established and written into the club’s regulations making it a legally binding agreement. SOS will be head of this board. ≠ There will be a formal recognition agreement between SOS and LFC. This will become part of the club’s constitution so that if / when the ownership changes, this [...]

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European Super League: Government fan-led review

European Super League: Government fan-led review Opposition to the European Super League stunt that dropped at the end of April, has been pretty universal with politicians, across political parties and divides, joining fans in their condemnation. The government has promised a fan-led review of football governance and we must not allow this opportunity to pass. So often, such ‘reviews’ fade away after the initial fanfare never to be heard of again. We must not let this happen this time. Next week MPs will vote on amendments to the Queen’s Speech. One amendment: ‘Football Is Nothing [...]

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Update on discussions held with LFC

Update on discussions held with LFC Spirit of Shankly representatives have met with Liverpool FC’s hierarchy this week to continue discussions surrounding the four-request mandate from our membership. Dialogue remains constructive and positive, and we now await detail and concrete answers. We are set to meet again on Tuesday 18 May 2021. In the short-term, we will update members further once we have a response. We will then look to update our membership fully, hopefully before 23 May, to discuss the detail and next steps. Thank you for your continued support. [...]

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Further discussions with LFC

Further discussions with LFC scheduled for this week Spirit of Shankly are to meet with Liverpool FC hierarchy this week. The aim is to hear the club’s response to our requests and to make progress towards reaching agreement. We will keep members informed when we have any updates. Back to Latest News >>

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First meeting with LFC representatives

First meeting with LFC representatives Today, Tuesday 4 May 2021, Spirit of Shankly, with the full backing of affiliates, met with Billy Hogan and Liverpool FC representatives. At the meeting SOS tabled the following requests: Two SOS representatives at LFC board level in relation to issues that impact fans and the Anfield community as a whole. This would involve a reconstitution of the LFC board that includes effective, elected and accountable fan representation, and not for members of the current LFC board to be that elected representative. This cannot be token representation, but one that [...]

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Meeting with FSG

Meeting with FSG Following the result of our survey and mandate from members to engage with LFC on calling for a formal recognition agreement and Spirit of Shankly representation at board level, we have a meeting with Chief Executive Billy Hogan and club representatives on Tuesday 4 May 2021. It is an encouraging first step as the club attempt to restore fans’ faith and need for positive change. We are also pleased to confirm, after meeting earlier this week, that Kop Outs, Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association, Merseyside branch of the Official Liverpool FC Supporters Club [...]

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Survey result and statement

Survey result and statement Following the fall-out from the European Super League fiasco, Spirit of Shankly polled members to agree a position on any future engagement, or not, with Liverpool FC owners, FSG. The results show an overwhelming yes to a working relationship, but one in which we have a say in how our club is run. The results FOR 89%. Yes 89%. No 8%. Abstain 3% Engage with FSG and demand SOS representation at board level in relation to issues that impact fans and the Anfield community  FOR 84%. Yes 84%. No 9%. Abstain [...]

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Time for change: next steps

Time for change: next steps. It has been a tumultuous, sickening few days for us all. Spirit of Shankly have always asked for honesty, integrity and transparency from club owners FSG, but the arrogance and deception they have shown behind this money-grab is frightening. But not surprising. We have noted John Henry’s apology, but this PR exercise is too little too late. These crocodile tears will not wash. Actions speak louder than ‘hollow’ words. Liverpool Football Club is not an American franchise, it is a community steeped in history and tradition. The ‘future of football’ [...]

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