Champions League and Season Ticket Renewals

As reported on Saturday 11 May, Spirit of Shankly, in tandem with Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (THST) called on our relevant clubs with a joint request that they look to subsidise tickets for the Champions League final.

We have yet to receive a response from LFC, but THST have heard from theirs – although it is disappointing that they will not support the idea.

It is estimated, LFC will generate more than £90m from this year’s Champions League campaign, with a further £3.4m to come should we win it.

According to Liverpool CEO Peter Moore our fans played a major role in the team reaching Madrid, following the semi-final victory at Anfield last Tuesday, saying: “So much of that [victory] was due to the unbelievable atmosphere generated by the best supporters in the world. We thank you for your undying belief and faith in this team. #YNWA.”

Those supporters, who provide “undying belief and faith in this team”, will not receive a penny of the rewards to assist them. If they get a ticket at all. Of the 16,000 allocation LFC will receive, 6,500 are not for general sale, and Reds’ fans will get 3,000 less than Spurs’ supporters.

Added to the enormous cost of getting to Madrid, supporters are being asked to pay for their season tickets by 24 May, a week before the final. Details of the club’s new credit partner, set up to help ease payment of season tickets, are not yet available. Spurs have extended their deadline for a short period.

SOS ask Liverpool:

To respond to our previous request regarding subsidies.

To show full and complete transparency on ticket allocation within the various categories of sale.

To extend season-ticket renewal date.