Concerns with the club sanctions and banning process

Spirit of Shankly are aware of reports relating to an ongoing case between a Liverpool fan and the club. This concerns LFC’s decision to sanction and ultimately ban the supporter. We have spoken with the person involved, to establish the facts of the situation, and are seeking to help bring about a resolution. The public facts of the case raise many questions and will concern supporters as a whole.

We have raised issues with the club in the past concerning their course of action in sanctioning and banning supporters for ticketing and other offences, but a number of problems persist. We have contacted LFC about these and made it clear we are willing to work in tandem them to fix these and any future problems. It is not just how these actions are carried out, but in who’s interest. The club have acknowledged this, and we hope we can find a solution so that there is a fair and robust process in place to deal with such matters – one that supporters can trust.

SOS are also involved with more than a dozen more supporters’ ongoing cases that also highlight shortcomings in LFC’s process and approach. We are not able to discuss these publicly at this stage, but there a number of similarities including:

  • Incorrect and inappropriate letters being sent to supporters.
  • Lack of evidence to support allegations or decisions.
  • Little or no communication with supporters that specify alleged wrongdoing.
  • Not allowing representation in panel or appeal panel decisions.
  • We have attempted, alongside the supporters involved, to seek reasonable and amicable resolutions. It is disappointing, and frustrating, that our efforts to represent supporters and work with the club to rectify situations of their making, have not yet been welcomed.

LFC have a right, and need, to investigate issues as they arise, but it should be done in a transparent and robust way that is fair to all.

We will continue to work on behalf of our members and supporters affected by these situations and will keep you updated of progress.