Ticket Increases

Why we oppose them Liverpool are pressing ahead with their plans to raise ticket prices for a second successive season, despite strong opposition. Spirit of Shankly, backed by a mandate from our members, and Spion Kop 1906 believe tickets are already too expensive. The cost of going to a game far exceeded the rate of inflation a long time ago and this latest rise is a worrying trend.  We have heard criticism of our resistance to the increase as “it’s just 2%” or it’s only “about season tickets”. It is not. Season tickets and individual matchday tickets [...]

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Youtube talk: the price of tickets

The money game For the regular matchgoing supporter going to the game is expensive – next season even more so. And it's not just Liverpool fans, price hikes have been announced at every Premier League club, with the exception of Crystal Palace, as record-breaking revenues are reported. But there is a shift in where this income is coming from and the next TV deal will see media rights as a percentage actually diminish for clubs. So how will they fill the gap? Spirit of Shankly MC member Jay McKenna sat down with football finance expert Kieran [...]

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Tickets on Expedia

Current Situation On Tuesday evening, Spirit of Shankly were made aware by supporters that tickets for forthcoming LFC matches were available to buy on expedia.com. Expedia are an official LFC partner and their resale web page was advertising tickets for games at Anfield (in hospitality seats) as well as away fixtures at Atalanta and Fulham (in home sections) at vastly inflated sums. We contacted LFC immediately to understand why an official partner was advertising such tickets, and to enquire about the source of the tickets. From our conversation with the club, they made it clear that Expedia [...]

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Ticket Increase Announcement

Joint statement with Spion Kop 1906 and Kop Outs For a second successive season, Liverpool have chosen to increase ticket prices for supporters. This is despite record commercial revenues and a place as the seventh richest football club in the world. They didn’t have to do this. There was no meaningful consultation with Spirit of Shankly, or the Supporters Board over this decision, instead following a presentation highlighting the planned rises, we and the majority of the SB strongly opposed the move. But LFC’s decision was made and we were told it would not be changed.  The [...]

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Ticket Prices

Do the right thing LFC are expected to announce ticket prices for the coming season within the next couple of weeks. After eight seasons of welcome price freezes, the cost of tickets increased last year. With no shift in the vicious cost-of-living crisis a further rise now would only be seen as preying on supporter loyalty with the club looking to squeeze as much as they can from the people who can least afford it. It is not essential for the club to increase ticket prices for the ordinary fan; it’s a choice, an active decision. [...]

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Carabao Cup Final Follow-Up

Feedback In response to the issues experienced by supporters at Wembley for the recent Carabao Cup Final, we have been in talks with LFC, followed by the Wembley Stadium safety team, the FA, Brent Council, and the Metropolitan Police. On the day of the final, approximately 90 minutes before kick-off we became aware that some supporters faced problems with their tickets trying to enter the stadium. We contacted LFC, who had identified the issue and posted updates on social media advising those affected to download their ticket again.  But this was not the only obstacle some [...]

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Issues at Carabao Cup Final

Accessing Wembley We are aware that a number of supporters experienced problems at Wembley at the Carabao Cup final on Sunday. These included significant issues with the digital ticketing system to enter the stadium, as well as concerns at and near to the turnstiles with a lack of clear communication. Ahead of the final SOS contacted LFC, on behalf of our members and supporters, to ask about their decision to use digital tickets, of which we had not been consulted. We were told it was Wembley’s preference and the club had received assurances about its ease [...]

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The Super League

Not then, not now Liverpool fans have already said no to a Super League, in April 2021 when it was first announced. Nothing has changed. We believed then that such a move – a breakaway league for the ‘elite’ – went against the values and traditions of our club, and the city, and our position remains the same. Back then we were listened to and John W Henry apologised to the fans and took responsibility for Liverpool’s involvement in the idea. In the aftermath, the Supporters Board was established and, written into the club’s articles of [...]

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Klopp and Anfield

Anfield atmosphere We have no argument with Jurgen Klopp highlighting issues around the Anfield atmosphere, or lack of it, at times. It’s something our fans discuss regularly, it is central to the club’s, and Anfield’s, identity, and something the most passionate among us are keen to protect. It is no accident, that opposing teams, coaches and fans speak about the ‘Anfield effect’. We all know how intimidating the crowd can make it for visiting sides, how the atmosphere can be second to none – ask Barcelona, or Dortmund or City, or Arsenal last season. We do [...]

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LFC SB – LFC backs fan engagement standard

LFC SB - LFC backs fan engagement standard Liverpool FC — LFC backs Premier League's Fan Engagement Standard. Full story below as published on Liverpoolfc.com here. Liverpool FC has announced its support for the launch of the Premier League's Fan Engagement Standard (FES). The FES is the latest in a series of league-wide measures designed to reinforce a commitment to ensuring long-term, meaningful engagement with supporters. LFC initially endorsed the development of the FES – alongside other Premier League clubs – in November 2022, and it is being introduced following a period of detailed planning. [...]

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