European Super League: Government fan-led review

Opposition to the European Super League stunt that dropped at the end of April, has been pretty universal with politicians, across political parties and divides, joining fans in their condemnation.

The government has promised a fan-led review of football governance and we must not allow this opportunity to pass. So often, such ‘reviews’ fade away after the initial fanfare never to be heard of again. We must not let this happen this time.

Next week MPs will vote on amendments to the Queen’s Speech. One amendment: ‘Football Is Nothing Without the Fans’ calls for significant reform of football governance.

Spirit of Shankly support this amendment and call on fans to email their MPs asking them to back it too. Only a few amendments will be discussed in the House of Commons. The more pressure and agency we can garner for this one, the bigger the chance it will be heard.

This has the backing of campaign group We Own It, who have set up a website with a link to help people email their MP.

This is a real moment to change the way the game we love is managed. Let’s help it happen.

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