Fairness for fans in Europe

After a brilliant trip to Germany, Liverpool supporters were eager for Friday’s Champions League draw. Again we have been paired with Porto and while we all hope for another fantastic result as we had last season, for fans intending to travel to Porto there is concern about the price they will be asked to pay for a match ticket.

Last year, visiting Liverpool supporters paid €75 per seat –  €45 more than it cost the home support. Spirit of Shankly contacted both Liverpool FC and UEFA at the time to complain. LFC responded  that they were working on this issue of prices. Nothing  changed and the theme of LFC fans being ripped off continued for the remainder of the season.

This time Porto have ample opportunity to do the right thing. Supporters should be rewarded for their loyalty and not treated as a cash cow.

SOS call for fair pricing of this fixture and that we are asked to pay no more than the home support. We will be contacting  LFC and UEFA again to ask that they act.