Unanimous Yes in Favour of Supporters Board

Following the poll of our members regarding future engagement with Liverpool FC and the establishment of a Supporters Board – as negotiated between Spirit of Shankly and the club – the answer is a resounding yes. More than 98.9 percent have voted in favour. 

This is a groundbreaking move for supporter involvement at both local and national level. It will be written into the club’s Articles of Association allowing for improved engagement now, but most importantly, protecting it for the future. 

It means LFC fans will for the first time have the right to give consent or not to issues that matter such as a ground move or ground share, or defection to a breakaway league. 

This deal does not in any way limit the independence of SOS, which is vital. We will still hold the club to account and challenge issues affecting our supporters individually and en masse.

Together with our legal team we will now complete the contractual requirements of the process and begin the necessary work to create the fan-led Supporters Board.

Thank you to all those members who voted and have given such a resounding mandate to proceed. We will keep you informed of progress over the coming weeks.

SOS Chair Joe Blott discusses the formation of a new LFC Supporters Board