Help Is Here Update

Spirit of Shankly’s Help is Here campaign began shortly after the country went into lockdown five months ago as Covid-19 took hold.

Over the past 20 weeks, we have provided more than 2,000 bags of food to the most vulnerable members of our community, and those working and risking their own health in the NHS and care homes.

In doing this we have spent just short of £30,000. This has come from both union funds and individual donations from members and organisations who have supported our work. We would like to thank all those who have made donations, which have made it possible to do so much, and for the work of our volunteer taxi drivers, who have made the deliveries each week.

A special thank you must go to the staff at Morrisons in Speke, who have worked in tandem with us week in week out.

As a union, we are aware of the need to help our community in difficult times. We also want to act on our AGM commitment of supporting members and fans who are suffering mental ill health, dementia or are at risk of suicide.

Consequently, we are reducing Help is Here deliveries to 20 per week so we can commit time and resources to our mental-health projects. Details of these will be on our site shortly.

We will continue to partner with Morrisons, but rather than take individual referrals, we will work more closely with established community group.