If this means more, show it

On Tuesday 15 May, Spirit Of Shankly met with LFC to discuss supporter concerns ahead of the Champions League final in Kyiv.

Today, just over 24 hours later, the reaction is clear – genuine disappointment and anger at the club. Supporters are still left wondering whether they can actually get to Kyiv and, if not, what they can do with their tickets.

More should be expected of Thomas Cook, given their relationship with the club. The club hierarchy talk about the ‘LFC Family’, yet it does not feel that way for supporters. SOS have asked, and fans should feel that the club will stand by them and act, not stand by and do nothing. Despite the efforts of some staff inside LFC, this is how it feels.

We as fans have travelled across Europe supporting Liverpool all the way to Kyiv. We have been ripped off along the way – Porto and Roma ticket prices in particular – and now we have the debacle of the final. LFC say much of it is beyond their control. Perhaps, but they should be standing up for us, calling out the wrongdoings and demanding change. Leading the way.

The club stand to make tens of millions of pounds for our success so far this season. Setting aside SOS’ view that this money could help subsidise the support, moving the season-ticket deadline, from 22 May, would have been a huge step. An acknowledgement that the club understand the financial strains of following the team

Not doing so, has angered many. LFC have announced a scheme allowing those who have bought a ticket for Kyiv and are yet to renew their season ticket can do so in four monthly instalments. This is too little and certainly too late – many have already had to make a decision or look for funds elsewhere. This scenario is something the club should have anticipated and should have had planned.

Supporters are often asked to ‘understand’ or ‘appreciate’ why certain decisions are made. To see it from ‘the other side’. It is time this was reciprocated and those in charge see it from our side.

We know what it is to support. Unconditionally. We ask only to be appreciated and considered along the way. Those with decision-making power inside the club have a responsibility. They can and they should help.

The club have recently launched a promotional campaign: ’We’re all in it together’. It is time they showed it. After all, #ThisMeansMore.