It’s OK to Ask for Help

“Football has the power to connect with so many people on and off the pitch, it has the power to change and save the lives of people who live with mental health issues”

Wednesday 10 October is World Mental Health Day. Around one in four people is affected by mental health issues every year. Spirit of Shankly, in partnership with Liverpool FC and Liverpool Mental Health Consortium, are devoted to supporting those struggling with mental health, and awareness of suicide prevention

On Wednesday, LFCTV will be showing McAteer Through the Storm – a film in which former player Jason McAteer opens up about his battle with depression. SOS are proud to have taken part in this project, in which Andy Robertson and James Milner also share their thoughts ahead of World Mental Health Day.

Mental health problems can affect anyone, anytime. If you feel you’re struggling, the best route to take is to talk to someone. Please do.