Letter to Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko

Following the Mayor of Kyiv’s email welcoming Liverpool fans to Kyiv, here is Spirit of Shankly’s response, sent by Karen Gill.

Dear Mr. Klitschko,

Thank you for your email welcoming Liverpool FC supporters to your city.

In recent days we have heard of many generous citizens of Kyiv willing to open their homes to travelling fans who have been exploited by a small minority of profiteers.

Unfortunately, we have also heard many examples of supporters who booked rooms in hotels, only to have the booking cancelled so that the hotel owner could offer the room at a much higher price, for a much larger profit.

Supporters in general are being very poorly treated. Myself and Liverpool’s official supporters’ Union Spirit Of Shankly are extremely concerned and believe something should be done about this situation.

Liverpool supporters will make a 5,500 km round trip to attend this match. We have paid high prices for travel and tickets, if we add the inflated price of accommodation, simply supporting our team will be an impossibility for many.

We are asking that where possible an intervention is made in order to assist our supporters.

The great hospitality of Kyiv has already been demonstrated, it is a shame that the actions of a few are making the headlines.

Best Regards,

Karen Gill