Member ticket sales need fixing once and for all

Problems surrounding today’s online members sale from the club, as well as those in previous days, have left many supporters frustrated and angry.

This has become an annual event. The club have provided an explanation for today’s problems. They don’t though explain why the sale continues to be problematic every season, nor have they answered many of the issues raised by supporters around ticket availability and the sales process.

Spirit Of Shankly representatives have repeatedly raised concerns on behalf of supporters with the club directly, and via the former Supporters’ Committee. We will, again, raise them directly and via the club’s fan forums. Some problems brought to our attention include:

–  The ability of the website to cope with thousands of supporters wanting tickets

–  The club selling memberships right up to deadline, overloading demand for a limited number of tickets

–  The cost of membership given the low chance of purchasing tickets. Some fans have called for a refund

–  The loyalty tiers applied by the club to sales. Some supporters with 19 credits have complained of missing out, and feel loyalty should be rewarded

–  Similarly, supporters who are told they can build loyalty have missed out, and found themselves back where they started

–  The number of available tickets

One of the biggest frustrations is that all of this comes at a time when there is so much positivity surrounding Liverpool on the pitch. Supporters want to watch LFC play – the problem is, too many do not get the chance. Those same supporters, who made sacrifices to support the team in Kyiv, making the club proud, have to jump through hoops to do the same at Anfield.

There needs to be more information and communication from the club.

Will they pay for an improved, fit-for-purpose, IT system, even if it is only used a few times a season? Will they be more transparent about the likelihood of actually obtaining tickets to those purchasing memberships? Will they look at what is a profitable membership system and consider alternatives? Will they increase the supply by moving forward with the Anfield Road expansion?

Dealing with these issues properly will improve relations between the club and supporters. As ever, we remain willing to work with LFC.