Open letter to Peter Moore

Dear Peter
You will have seen the overwhelmingly negative fan reaction to the club’s announcement on Saturday stating their intention to furlough a number of employees. You may well have seen our initial response to that announcement

We understand this is essentially an employee/employer issue, but as LFC’s recognised official supporter representatives, we are concerned about the damage this is causing to our club’s reputation and values.
In light of your announcement and before SOS comment further, we would like to ask and seek answers the following:
  • Are you implementing the government’s furlough scheme?
  • How many staff are affected?
  • What are the roles of staff affected?
  • What contracts do they hold?
  • Are any staff not included and are being released?
  • How long is the furlough request for?
  • Why was the decision taken?
  • How was that decision reached?
  • Who made the decision?
  • Were any other solutions considered and if so, what were they? Why were they dismissed?
  • If not, why were no other solutions considered? (We understand for example that income streams such as LFCTV subscriptions, online sales etc remain in place)
  • What is the expected cost to the club and the taxpayer for the duration of the furlough?
We look forward to a speedy and comprehensive response
Yours sincerely

Joe Blott, Chair of Spirit of Shankly