Premier League pay-off shame

The initial suggestion that clubs would each put in a quarter of a million pounds was rightly met with derision and anger. Whilst supporters have tribal loyalties, this issue united all in condemnation.

Football is a wealthy sport. Those who operate within it at its most senior levels, regardless of competence, are rewarded well. Richard Scudamore has been well paid during the explosion in tv deals. He didn’t, and does not need, such an incredible amount as an additional reward. The Premier League might want to claim they are protecting their interests and the insider information Scudamore knows. But the talk throughout has been giving him a financial reward for the riches received. They’re using money from clubs whilst supporters are left having to plead and ask for any redistribution of such wealth. The clubs themselves hold the power in these meetings – it’s their league, their rules, their decisions. Today they’ve made decision they want to make. It’s clearly one rule for those at the top, and another for the rest of us.

We will be talking to supporters about today’s decision and considering what, if any, next steps are to be taken. For now, those involved in today’s decision should spend some time on their journey home quietly reflecting on the damage done. They should hang their heads in shame.