Profit Per View update

On Friday 13 November, the Premier League dropped the idea of Pay Per View and committed to showing all games without charge.

Last month, when PPV plans to charge supporters £14.95 were published, Spirit of Shankly called on the Premier League and broadcasters to rethink. To acknowledge the economic difficulties facing supporters, and the subsequent risks to public health.

We asked that they recognise football without fans is nothing. That they acknowledge these extraordinary times and think, for once, of the fans, who they risk alienating for good.

Since then SOS have campaigned against the idea of a fee, urging instead supporters to donate to local food banks, and fought for games not already scheduled to be aired for free. We worked collectively with other fan groups, but special mention must go to  Blue Union, who also joined us to target Premier League sponsors.

A boycott by Newcastle and Leeds supporters followed by LFC’s game against Sheffield United drew national attention and full condemnation of the Premier League. An overwhelming swell of support raised just on £150,000 for our local foodbanks, and combined generosity across the country raised almost £500,000.

Yesterday the Premier League,  by scrapping the idea, admitted they got it wrong.

They know it, we know it. Next time there is a big decision to be made, perhaps those at the top will remember to engage with us beforehand.