Response from LFC Supporters’ Committee

Following our recent statement and minutes from the meeting with LFC about the recently announced ticket prices, we asked questions of the Supporters’ Committee and their involvement in the process.

Today we have received the following statement from the Supporters’ Committee in response to that.

LFCSC Acknowledgement

The Liverpool Supporters’ Committee acknowledges the recent publication of the Minutes of a meeting between the Spirit of Shankly (SOS) and Liverpool Football Club where a delegation from SOS met with Ian Ayre and Phil Dutton.  We note that the statement accompanying the Minutes posed questions to the Supporters’ Committee to which we would like to respond.

The Supporters’ Committee were consulted on the issue of tiered pricing proposals by the Club and the viewpoint put to the Club was based on the feedback and engagement we had received from the various constituents we represent. It was pointed out to the Club that many supporters would be very disappointed with any proposed price increases and a number of concerns were expressed. Some of these concerns were taken on board by the Club, while others were not.

It is important to state that the Supporters’ Committee do not vote on any issues that affect Club policy or procedure and members have no power to negotiate with the Club. The Supporters’ Committee act as a sounding board and respond to issues presented to them by the Club. The response given by the Supporters’ Committee is entirely based on ideas and feedback received from the fans they represent to ensure that the Club is made aware of the issues that are of most concern to supporters.
The role and remit of Committee members is to improve communication between the supporters and the Club; they are not there to put forward any personal views but to represent the views expressed to them by their constituent groups. It is the Club who make the decisions, not the Committee.

We always welcome any views that the wide LFC fanbase want to share with us, specifically around ticketing issues, and we would  encourage anyone to contact us via email with their questions, ideas and concerns.

As we have done during the past 18 months, we will seek to raise supporters’ ideas and concerns at our next meeting with Club Officials in April 2013.

With many thanks for your continued support.

The LFC Supporters’ Committee