Return of fans to Anfield

Following the Government announcement that Liverpool City Region will move into Tier 2 on 3 December, 2,000 fans will be allowed into Anfield for our next home games – against Wolves, scheduled for 6 December, followed by Tottenham, on 16 December.

Since the news regarding the return of supporters, albeit in limited numbers, LFC have kept Spirit of Shankly updated on their plans.

We wanted to ensure there is transparency, equity and fairness with tickets and pricing, but ultimately it is LFC’s decision on allocation, and for the club to do the right thing given the circumstances. It is also important that decisions taken now are temporary and subject to ongoing review.

Throughout this pandemic, the views of SOS and decisions we have taken have been led by public-health advice at the time. In response to this news, we have consulted with the city’s Director of Public Health as have LFC.

LFC’s statement reflects this. Read more:

In asking LFC to do the right thing, we also ask those who are entitled to tickets outside of the ballot to do the same. We understand they are fans, too, and there may be contractual obligations. We also know contracts need to be reconsidered during these times and respectfully ask they consider their need to attend over someone with a full credit history and/or a season ticket. An attendance of 2,000 is less than 4% of our capacity and as many of those places as possible should be available to regular match going supporters.

We recognise every fan wants to get back into the stadium and the numbers allowed bring untold challenges and uncertainties. The only certainty is that any decision about who returns first will result in disappointment for many.

We will continue to talk to the club and work with them to review the situation, but will always be conscious of the public-health issues first, not only those affecting fans, but the local community, those living close to and working in the stadium.