Signed rare Steven Gerrard boots auction

The success of modern-day Liverpool FC was built on the work of Bill Shankly and his players. As Steven Gerrard himself said in the recent Shankly film ‘Nature’s Fire’, if it wasn’t for Shankly and his players, there would not have been a club like LFC on his doorstep to sign for.

However a number of players and their families, from this era will, and do, face struggles – financial, health and otherwise.

They played at a time when their wages were not the vast sums of today’s game. Many would not wish to swap their glory days for today’s wages. But they still do need our support.

This is why all profits from our recent Tenth Anniversary event are to be donated to support players from the Shankly era.

Steven Gerrard signed rare boots

To build on this, and thanks to a very kind donation, we have an extremely rare pair of signed Steven Gerrard Adidas Predator boots to be auctioned. Having been told about these boots, and the plans to auction them to raise funds for this cause, Steven was more than happy to sign them and as you can see from the photos has signed the box and the heel of each boot.

Only seventeen pairs of these boots were made, a pair to mark each season of Steven’s career at LFC. Only one pair of these boots have previously come up for sale and went for over £40,000 – Steven Gerrard boots sell for £40,200.

The boots have several features:

  • They are emblazoned with YNWA, and colour fades from red to white to symbolise the end of Gerrard’s Liverpool career and start of his LA Galaxy career.
  • Each boot is emblazoned with the initials SG on the heel and have the names of his children. This is where the boots are signed.
  • The sole of each boot has studs in a pattern to mark out the number 8, Gerrard’s shirt number at LFC.
  • Inside the left boot is the message ‘Steven Gerrard: 1998 – 2015’
  • Inside the right boot is the message ‘you leave a legend, you’ll return a hero, the city of liverpool is always with you. you’ll never walk alone’
  • The boots come in a box, emblazoned with ‘YNWA’ and ‘SG XVII’ and is alson signed.

To bid

Anyone interested in bidding for these boots can do so by emailing with their bid in £/English Pounds. Please use the subject line ‘Auction Bid’.

We will notify you of whether your bid is the highest bid so far or if it is below the current highest bid received. If you are the highest bidder at any point, we will notify you by return of email if a higher bid is received.

We will ask to verify the identity of any current highest bidder. We will do this directly with you.

Due to the rare nature of the item, we have a reserve price that bids must reach before these are sold.

Bidding will close at 7pm on 15th March 2018.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on social media or by emailing with the subject title ‘Auction Question’.