SOS reaffirm stance on rail seating debate

Following a survey we organised in July 2017, our members and supporters voted overwhelmingly in favour of rail seating being introduced at stadiums across the country. They also backed supporters having the choice to sit or stand.

Spirit of Shankly believe every club and their fans should be able to choose the model for their home stadium and work with the relevant authorities to meet prerequisite safety requirements.
Liverpool supporters, more than most, understand the arguments for safety and the emotion of such a debate. We also know fans are already standing at Anfield and across the county every week. They should be allowed to do so safely and in comfort.
SOS are supportive of the Labour Party’s position on the subject that supporters should have that choice and it be decided locally.
We will continue discussions with our members regarding our stance. We trust the ongoing government review will reflect the views and wishes of match going supporters around the country.