Supporter disappointment at Bayern ticket collections

Spirit of Shankly and Spion Kop 1906 are aware that LFC will be asking a number of supporters to collect tickets at our away fixture in Munich.

Similar has been proposed in the past and for various reasons has been opposed by supporters. We understand that LFC perceive the secondary ticket market to be an issue, but these measures not only penalise genuine supporters who simply want to enjoy supporting their team but do little to address those issues.

For fixtures like Bayern Munich, supporters will travel into the city throughout the day, by rail and air. Then being asked to collect your ticket impacts on enjoying your day, the pre-match build up and meeting up with friends. The club should be considering the impact that such decisions have on loyal supporters.

To use the example of our recent fixture in Naples, travelling supporters were asked to make their way to the ground some 4-5 hours before kick off. Then they were kept in the ground for another hour and then another hour was spent being bused back to the city. Asking supporters to then take another 1-2 hours out of their day to collect a ticket is completely unfair. These same supporters will have spent considerable sums to not just support their side in Munich but across Europe this season and in previous seasons.

We’ve previously raised this issue with LFC and asked that they set up a working group to involve travelling fans to discuss this issue and others. This was even agreed by senior club officials, but has not yet been enacted properly.

We’d like to understand what LFC wish to achieve by doing this, and we believe that working together we can find solutions that work for all.

We ask that LFC reconsider this and look at proper supporter consultation before pressing on.

Spirit of Shankly & Spion Kop 1906