The Football Quarter prospectus

On Wednesday December 28th 2011 Everton and Liverpool fans launch their prospectus for The Football Quarter, a conceptual development which has the city’s two famous football clubs at its heart. The prospectus will be launched in the Museum of Liverpool. A building that celebrates the history of the city of Liverpool, in an area that has undergone massive recent regeneration. The prospectus outlines our vision for the area surrounding both Everton FC and Liverpool FC.
In a city where your football club is seen as an intrinsic part of city life, woven into the very fabric of local society, two fan groups from across the divide, Keeping Everton in Our City [KEIOC] and The Spirit of Shankly[SoS], have unprecedentedly joined forces under the banner of “All Together Now” to develop a deliverable solution to their clubs long quest to solve their respective stadium problems.

Based around individual stadia, The Football Quarter is designed to confirm the city’s global sporting image as a destination and encourage the redevelopment of the immediate area in line with The North Liverpool Strategic Regeneration Framework [SRF]. The Football Quarter is designed to attract educational, community, recreational, leisure and retail facilities to an area which has modern stadia at Anfield and Goodison as its hub all serviced by a sustainable transport infrastructure.

Anfield and Goodison are located in the much neglected North End of the City of Liverpool; local MPs, Steve Rotherham and Joe Benton explain; “The areas around Anfield and Goodison Park are recognised as amongst the most deprived in the UK, whilst at the same time, the communities there are characterised by their unique spirit, tenacity, warmth and entrepreneurial potential. We have a collective duty to ensure that the areas in the vicinity of both Anfield and Goodison Park capitaliseon the regeneration potential and reflect the world renowned status of both clubs.”
Working with the City Council, Dr. Alan Southern from the University of Liverpool and the private sector, the supporters groups have produced a professional prospectus aimed at attracting developers to over 40 acres of land that has the potential to not only provide a better environment in which the football clubs can flourish but to make a significant contribution to the sustainable regeneration.
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