Current Situation

On Tuesday evening, Spirit of Shankly were made aware by supporters that tickets for forthcoming LFC matches were available to buy on Expedia are an official LFC partner and their resale web page was advertising tickets for games at Anfield (in hospitality seats) as well as away fixtures at Atalanta and Fulham (in home sections) at vastly inflated sums. We contacted LFC immediately to understand why an official partner was advertising such tickets, and to enquire about the source of the tickets.

From our conversation with the club, they made it clear that Expedia do not receive tickets for resale. They also said tickets should not have been listed on Expedia and they were removed within two hours once they were made aware of the situation. Steps are being taken to ensure this incident, which the club have said was entirely outside of their control, is not repeated.

LFC are currently investigating the source of the tickets and, depending on the outcome, have said they will take any necessary and appropriate action that could include sanctions to any individuals or organisations who have tried to resell tickets. We have asked to be kept advised of progress.

This issue has also highlighted a number of other resellers, some officially partnered with the club, selling tickets for large sums of money for end-of-the-season matches. We will again ask the club about these relationships and incorporate the findings into our on-going work on ticket pricing and availability.