On Tuesday 21 February, Spirit of Shankly met with UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis, Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association, Football Supporters Association and Football Supporters Europe in Liverpool to discuss the 2022 Champions League Final alongside the conclusions and recommendations of the UEFA commissioned Independent Review.

You can see a brief, joint statement here.

At the meeting, we re-iterated that there is nothing in the Review that we disagree with.

We also on behalf of Liverpool fans:

Demanded a full and unreserved apology from UEFA for the unacceptable organisation of the Champions League Final in Paris in May 2022, which resulted in a risk to safety of  fans, injury, trauma and long-term impact

Demanded a full retraction of the lies and smears against Liverpool supporters prior to the match starting, in the immediate aftermath and the days and weeks following

Demanded Ceferin, President of UEFA, and his senior officials accept full responsibility for their lack of leadership and diligence. This near tragedy took place on their watch and there must be ownership and accountability. We therefore call for resignations, dismissals and appropriate disciplinary actions

Demanded UEFA take appropriate, proportionate and speedy action against any of their staff found to be in breach of their roles on the day of the final

On behalf of football fans in Europe:

Demanded that every recommendation made by the Independent Panel is accepted and implemented within an agreed timescale

Demanded that supporters, through or from, FSE are represented on UEFA’s Board

We can assure all our members and Liverpool supporters we will continue to fight for these to be realised.