Walk out on ’77 : 5 years ago today

Walk out on '77 : 5 years ago today Today, Saturday 6 February, marks the fifth anniversary of fans walking out of Anfield in protest at ticket-price increases. This unprecedented action was broadcast around the world and led to LFC’s owners apologising to fans and backing down. Following months of ongoing discussions with Spirit of Shankly and @SpionKop1906 over their future pricing policy, at the start of 2016 LFC announced increases for the following season. These included seats in the newly constructed Main Stand at £77 per game. At a time when TV revenue was [...]

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Return of Fans to Anfield

Return of fans to Anfield Following the Government announcement that Liverpool City Region will move into Tier 2 on 3 December, 2,000 fans will be allowed into Anfield for our next home games – against Wolves, scheduled for 6 December, followed by Tottenham, on 16 December. Since the news regarding the return of supporters, albeit in limited numbers, LFC have kept Spirit of Shankly updated on their plans. We wanted to ensure there is transparency, equity and fairness with tickets and pricing, but ultimately it is LFC’s decision on allocation, and for the club to [...]

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Profit Per View update

Profit Per View update On Friday 13 November, the Premier League dropped the idea of Pay Per View and committed to showing all games without charge. Last month, when PPV plans to charge supporters £14.95 were published, Spirit of Shankly called on the Premier League and broadcasters to rethink. To acknowledge the economic difficulties facing supporters, and the subsequent risks to public health. We asked that they recognise football without fans is nothing. That they acknowledge these extraordinary times and think, for once, of the fans, who they risk alienating for good. Since then SOS [...]

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Help Is Here Latest

Help Is Here Latest Spirit of Shankly’s ‘Help is Here’ campaign began back in March, as Covid-19 took hold. As a union, we are aware of the need to help our community in difficult times. We also wanted to act on our AGM commitment of supporting members and fans who are suffering mental ill health and dementia, and those at risk of suicide. We realised then how tough life was becoming for the most robust of us. We could only imagine how hard it must have been for the elderly, those most at risk and [...]

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Boycott Box Office Pay Per View

Boycott Box Office Pay Per View Spirit of Shankly are calling for a boycott of pay-per-view Premier League games starting with our fixture against Sheffield United on Saturday 24 October 2020. Why we are doing this We recognise supporters will be torn about following their team, but this is blatant exploitation. We are in the middle of the biggest pandemic and economic crisis for a generation, yet the Premier League and their clubs, except for Leicester City, Sky and BTSport have no trouble asking fans to pay £14.95 per game.  It is unacceptable. They have [...]

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Project Big Picture: A Joint Statement

Project Big Picture: A Joint Statement The fans we represent are fortunate to support clubs that regularly secure the largest financial revenues in the Premier League. But all of us understand that football doesn’t work in isolation. It’s a family. It requires a fair share of resources to ensure that the Premier League is competitive to watch and that the lower leagues flourish as part of our national game. While the six clubs we support are widely reported to be the instigators of Project Big Picture, it is important we state very clearly that we [...]

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PPV and Project Big Picture

PPV and Project Big Picture Over the past weekend, the Project Big Picture document leak and Pay-Per-View announcement (a disgraceful £14.95 per match) have again demonstrated, with zero formal engagement, a complete disregard for fans. The hedge funds and billionaire owners of our football clubs need to understand they are merely custodians. The actions of the club owners and TV broadcasters once more highlight the need for a supporter-led review of football governance. So far, Liverpool Football Club have remained silent on both of these issues and Spirit of Shankly have written asking them to [...]

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Profit per view – a disgrace

Profit per view - a disgrace Today, Friday 9 October, the Premier League and TV broadcasters announced details of their pay-per-view plans for matches not currently scheduled to be shown live. Liverpool v Sheffield United on Monday 24 October is one of them. It is agonising for fans that we will not be able to attend matches for the foreseeable future and Spirit of Shankly welcome the broadcasters and Premier League arranging for all fixtures to be televised. Today it has been reported that price is to be £14.95 per game. That is £4.95 more [...]

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World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day Thursday 10 September is World Suicide Prevention Day. Spirit of Shankly are pleased to be working alongside LFC Foundation, Red Neighbours and Spion Kop 1906 in raising awareness of mental health. At any given time one in four of us is affected by mental health problems. Yet still there are too many who feel, or are made to feel, isolated, ashamed and worthless as a result. On average, 13 people in England take their own life every day - eight of them male. Suicide is the biggest killer among men under [...]

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Help Is Here Update

Help Is Here Update Spirit of Shankly’s Help is Here campaign began shortly after the country went into lockdown five months ago as Covid-19 took hold. Over the past 20 weeks, we have provided more than 2,000 bags of food to the most vulnerable members of our community, and those working and risking their own health in the NHS and care homes. In doing this we have spent just short of £30,000. This has come from both union funds and individual donations from members and organisations who have supported our work. We would like to [...]

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