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The Spirit of Shankly Cup

The Spirit of Shankly Cup December 1 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Bill Shankly agreeing to become manager of Liverpool FC. He took over two weeks later on December 14. To commemorate this anniversary and the great man’s legacy Spirit of Shankly and East Ayrshire Council are thrilled to announce the launch of the Spirit of Shankly Cup. A juniors tournament, it will bring together eight teams, four from Liverpool and four from East Ayrshire, where Shankly was born in the mining village Glenbuck in 1913. The inaugural event will be played in June [...]

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Shankly Memorial at Glenbuck

Spirit of Shankly are delighted and honoured to attend the ceremony of the restoration of the Glenbuck Heritage Site, which will include the unveiling of a new memorial to Bill Shankly.

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Shankly Memorial Glenbuck

As some people may have been aware the Shankly memorial in Glenbuck was recently damaged by joy-riders crashing a car into the memorial. The damage caused was very severe and the monument was in great danger of being ruined.

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