European Super League: a statement

Liverpool Football Club’s confirmation, made at 11.30pm on 18th April 2021, that they “have joined Europe’s leading clubs in agreeing to form a new competition, the European Super League” is both shocking and shameless.

Spirit of Shankly were formed when the result of broken promises by the club’s previous owners threatened LFC’s existence. This proposal threatens to destroy everything on which our club was built.

And the reason? Greed, pure and simple.

The Champions League, as was its predecessor the European Cup, is the pinnacle for LFC, for the players, for the manager and for us the supporters. Liverpool’s success in this competition is because of the work the team put in the season before to qualify. It is a special competition and made so because you have to compete to book a place.

LFC’s standing and support around the world is because of our storied ventures in this competition.

No more anticipation of who LFC will be drawn against. A breakaway Super League will not only stamp on football’s competitive ideals, but will take with it LFC’s history and stature, tainting our name, for what? The pursuit of money.

Anfield on a European night is special because it’s competitive, because winning or losing can mean there will be more, or it’s the last for a season. It’s special because of the supporters.

What is the point in continuing with this season? The breakaway’s chosen clubs don’t need to push to qualify for an elite competition. They’re straight through to a closed shop, a private members club for the rich

There will be no further supporter engagement or consultation. The flags and banners used to market LFC to new support are being removed from the Kop, and we will call a virtual public meeting to discuss next steps.

To the players, staff and our manager, we are not withdrawing support from you.

As current custodians of our club, Fenway Sports Group have talked so often of the importance of fans, only to disregard them to fill the coffers. The CEO, Billy Hogan, recently admitted how important the support is in the ground, and he was impatient for us to return. Shame on you.


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