LFC SB – Ticketing update for new Premier League season

In line with the contractual agreement, LFC did engage with the Supporters Board regarding its proposed ticket price increases. Whilst they are bound to consider the SB views, such matters are not subject to Fan Consent and therefore LFC retains absolute and final discretion over the determination of such matters. It is they who have decided to impose these price increases.

To be clear, the LFC Supporters Board were unanimous in their opposition to any proposed ticket price increases and this remains our position.

To implement any price increase during this cost of living crisis is cruel, unjust, unreasonable and unfair.

These increases also come at a time when LFC is reporting record revenues, increased sponsorship income and significant increases from success on the pitch.

Support for your football team stems from loyalty and that loyalty is two way. Fans cannot switch allegiance from one club to another yet it is their pockets which are being hit.

The SB proposed many alternatives to wholesale price increases such as better facilities on the stadium concourses to encourage more fans to arrive early and keeping them open for a time after the match has finished, so those who can afford to spend can do so. Another was sponsorship deals and stand naming rights to generate extra returns. These potentially would have yielded more than the £500k from the 2% price increases will generate.

It is unfortunate and disappointing that they have chosen not to fully listen to the voice of the fans and recognise that football fans are not the cash cow to their balance sheet.

We do expect the members of our respective groups will be angry and disappointed and anticipate the fullest possible opposition to these increases.