Rail seating debate – Meeting dates

Earlier this year we published an updated timetable for making a decision on our position on rail seating. Unfortunately this was delayed, due to securing a venue and speakers for the meeting.  However we are pleased to announce confirmed dates for upcoming meetings, so that we can move the debate forward and arrive at a decision. 

We will hold two meetings, with the intention of allowing all to contribute and put forward their view. We want to remind everyone that this is a vote on whether we are in favour or against the introduction of rail seating IN GENERAL and not a decision on whether it should be introduced at Anfield. Given the emotive nature of the debate, it is important we focus on this decision first and foremost.

Closed Meeting

The first will be a meeting specifically for survivors, those who were at Hillsborough and for those who lost family and friends, to meet with ourselves. The purpose of this is to allow an opportunity for individuals or groups to have their say, ask questions that they would like answering as part of the debate and for us to hear their thoughts, in a closed setting.

This can then feed into and inform the wider discussion and decision making process. This meeting will take place in Liverpool City Centre on Tuesday 18th July from 7pm. The exact location will be confirmed via email to those who wish to attend, as we will judge this on numbers who wish to come along. If you would like to attend, please email jamesmckenna@spiritofshankly.com, including your name and anyone else who will be attending with you. It would help if you could give some background as to your experience and if you lost loved ones or were at Hillsborough. This is purely so we can ensure we have a balanced and thorough discussion.

Public Meeting

The second meeting will be a full public meeting that is open to all. This will take place on Saturday 22nd July, from 12pm until 2pm (approximate timing, this may run later).

We have invited speakers to address all arguments in the debate – those in favour, against and covering safety arguments. This meeting will be broadcast live via social media channels and will be available for viewing afterwards. There will also be an opportunity for those who cannot attend to submit questions. A panel of speakers will make contributions and there will be an opportunity to ask questions and put forward your view and position. Full details will be announced on this shortly once the panel has been confirmed.

After the public meeting, we will then have an online vote to allow a decision to be made.