Rail seating – The final steps to making a decision

In November of last year we published a timeline of our expected consultation to take place before we asked members to vote on our position on rail seating. Today we wanted to provide an update and a timeline for the coming weeks ahead of that vote and decision.

On Sunday 21st May 2017, before the Middlesbrough home game, we will hold a public meeting with contributions from speakers and opportunities for questions and comment from attendees that will be recorded and possibly broadcast live. The next day we will open up an online vote that will allow people to make a decision and by the end of May/early June, we will announce results. Final information for this will be published in due course.

However before that takes place we want to make sure those who have an opinion are able to share it and those making a decision can do so with all the facts, views and information available to them. As we set out in our initial consultation timeline, we have asked people to send us views and comments and we have contacted various organisations and bodies that we believe may have a view for their input. A further release on this will be published this week.

Between now and 21st May, we intend to provide as much opportunity for people to put forward their questions and views. We will work with local media and fan media to get those views and share different opinions so that people are informed.

We were hopeful that we would be further along the in our consultation timeline than we already are. However a combination of factors, including delays and postponements of possible media work and meetings, as well as taking a natural pause ahead of the anniversary, meant that was not possible. It is still our view that we are giving enough time for this process to reach a conclusion.

We want to make clear that we intend to give every opportunity to the respective Hillsborough groups, families and survivors to share their views. We have sent updates to the Hillsborough Family Support Group and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign this time. To further aid this, we will be convening a private meeting for families and survivors to attend and share their views. Details will be published shortly but if any family members or survivors wish to know more, they can contact us by emailing chair@spiritofshankly.com

Timeline for a decision


Open opportunity for individuals and organisations to share views and comment via social media channels, email or in person.

Week Commencing 24th April

Update on progress and timetable for a decision

Release of feedback and call for further evidence and input. Ask various organisations again for their views.

Week Commencing 1st May

Opportunity for families and survivors to meet with us in private to share views.

Publish any further correspondence.

Media/News pieces

Week Commencing 8th May

Private meeting for families and survivors. Those wishing to attend should contact chair@spiritofshankly.com

Week Commencing 14th May

Further media/discussion with wider supporter base

Sunday 21st May

Public Meeting. Venue to be confirmed and will be recorded with the possibility of live broadcast

Week Commencing 22nd May


Week Commencing 29th May 

Announcement of results