Same old story

Liverpool play Real Madrid on Wednesday, 15 March. For those travelling fans it should, as always when following the Reds in Europe, be a trip to look forward to. A mini holiday or day trip that, no matter the result, is fun, a laugh, an experience. 

This upcoming trip? Not so carefree. 

Alongside the dismal, reduced allocation and derisory number of disabled bays that prevents hundreds, who should have qualified under UEFA rules, from travelling, Real Madrid have charged the maximum ticket price they can. 

There are to be 100% ticket collections. This time the collection point is approximately 20-minutes walk from the Bernabeu – a residential area where few visitors will stay or meet, away from the city’s regular tourist spots. It means a journey the day before the match, as advised by LFC, or the risk of being caught in queues on the day of the game and worries about getting in. 

To add to the inconvenience, fans will have to endure ID checks on entering the stadium – we live in hope they are not subject to heavy-handed policing as they were last time in Madrid – and due to ongoing works, there are minimal facilities, with no concessions or kiosks open. 

Spirit of Shankly remain completely opposed to ticket collections for Champions League games and have lobbied the club to rethink, they won’t. 

It’s a supporter’s choice to go to a football match. It doesn’t mean they should be treated with contempt, unfortunately it’s the same old story.