Away Ticket checks and Supporter Rights

The Liverpool Supporters’ Union was recently contacted by a number of supporters concerned about the clubs plans for away supporters which was to involve away ticket checks and threatened subsequent banning orders.

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Ticket Prices at Away Games – Update

Following the resolution at our last EGM, the Liverpool Supporters' Union has been working on its plan to campaign for a flat rate of a £25 away ticket price for all supporters at Premier League matches. Away ticket prices have hit the national headlines in recent days, due to the £62 cost of a ticket for the  forthcoming Liverpool FC fixture against Arsenal. In comparison, Stoke City supporters are being charged just £32 for their equivalent fixture against Arsenal. What is clear, is that supporters of all clubs are being ripped off. Categorising football matches, however, means that some are being ripped off more than others.

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Ticket Increases

Why we oppose them Liverpool are pressing ahead with their plans to raise ticket prices for a second successive season, despite strong opposition. Spirit of Shankly, backed by a mandate from our members, and Spion Kop 1906 believe tickets are already too expensive. The cost of going to a game far exceeded the rate of inflation a long time ago and this latest rise is a worrying trend.  We have heard criticism of our resistance to the increase as “it’s just 2%” or it’s only “about season tickets”. It is not. Season tickets and individual matchday tickets [...]

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Tickets on Expedia

Current Situation On Tuesday evening, Spirit of Shankly were made aware by supporters that tickets for forthcoming LFC matches were available to buy on Expedia are an official LFC partner and their resale web page was advertising tickets for games at Anfield (in hospitality seats) as well as away fixtures at Atalanta and Fulham (in home sections) at vastly inflated sums. We contacted LFC immediately to understand why an official partner was advertising such tickets, and to enquire about the source of the tickets. From our conversation with the club, they made it clear that Expedia [...]

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Ticket Prices

Do the right thing LFC are expected to announce ticket prices for the coming season within the next couple of weeks. After eight seasons of welcome price freezes, the cost of tickets increased last year. With no shift in the vicious cost-of-living crisis a further rise now would only be seen as preying on supporter loyalty with the club looking to squeeze as much as they can from the people who can least afford it. It is not essential for the club to increase ticket prices for the ordinary fan; it’s a choice, an active decision. [...]

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Toulouse away: allocation, matchday feedback & group-stage pricing

Toulouse debrief We were frustrated to see the allocation for this game in France was way below the minimum levels set by UEFA*, leaving lots of supporters ticketless. Toulouse’s official stadium capacity for UEFA competitions is 31,156 – 5% of this is 1,557 tickets. Our allocation was 1,200 tickets, 3.6%. We contacted both LFC and FSE to see how this had been allowed. LFC assured us they had pressed for a larger allocation, however as we saw and experienced, the away sector of the ground is fenced in, meaning Toulouse are able to push back on [...]

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Anniversary of fans uniting against ticket prices

Anniversary of fans uniting against ticket prices Today marks the 10th anniversary of football fans putting their differences aside and uniting to march on the Premier League headquarters in protest at the rising cost of away tickets. On 19 June 2013, spearheaded by Spirit of Shankly and the Football Supporters Federation, rival fans of top-flight clubs congregated at London’s Regent Park and marched to Gloucester Place, the then home of the Premier League. It was the culmination of an ongoing campaign to make the authorities listen as away-supporter ticket prices had spiralled – at that [...]

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Real Madrid away

Same old story Liverpool play Real Madrid on Wednesday, 15 March. For those travelling fans it should, as always when following the Reds in Europe, be a trip to look forward to. A mini holiday or day trip that, no matter the result, is fun, a laugh, an experience.  This upcoming trip? Not so carefree.  Alongside the dismal, reduced allocation and derisory number of disabled bays that prevents hundreds, who should have qualified under UEFA rules, from travelling, Real Madrid have charged the maximum ticket price they can.  There are to be 100% ticket collections. [...]

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Ticket Collections

European away game ticket collections This week, LFC announced selling arrangements for the Champions League fixture away to Rangers on 12 October and that some supporters will have to collect their tickets on arrival in Glasgow. Spirit of Shankly remain completely opposed to ticket collections for European away games. We, along with other supporter groups, made the strongest representation to the club, but they have decided to proceed. There are multiple reasons for opposing ticket collections, but the main one is that they destroy the matchday experience. They are a total inconvenience to fans who [...]

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European Ticket Collection

European Ticket Collection Ahead of the Champions League draw today, Liverpool FC have ‘reminded’ fans of their plan to continue with ticket collection for European away games this season. A plan that means travelling supporters have to collect their match ticket in a specified location somewhere in the city where the fixture will be played, most usually on the day of the game. Spirit of Shankly are completely opposed to this practice. LFC’s changes to ticket policy for European matches, made to tackle ticket misuse, have an unreasonable impact on match going fans. These away [...]

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Benfica Away

Champions League Quarter-final Following the announcement of ticket sales for the Champions League quarter-final first leg away to Benfica, to be played on Tuesday 5 April, Spirit of Shankly have been contacted by members and other supporters raising concerns over the planned ticket collection in Lisbon. Many referenced their experiences surrounding the ticket collection in Milan, when LFC played Internazionale in February.. SOS  are all too aware that the ticket collection in Milan was a totally negative experience for supporters. Most had to queue for hours, losing a huge swathe of their day on what [...]

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Chelsea FC Away (Travel)

Spirit of Shankly are pleased to announce details for travel to the televised Premier League match away to Chelsea on Sunday 22 September 2019, kick-off 4.30pm.

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Burnley FC Away (Travel)

Spirit of Shankly are pleased to announce details for travel to our televised Premier League match away to Burnley on Saturday 31 August 2019, kick-off 5.30pm.

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Cardiff City away

Spirit of Shankly are pleased to announce details for travel to our televised Premier League match away to Manchester United on Sunday 24 February 2019, kick-off 2.05pm.

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Southampton FC away

Spirit of Shankly are pleased to announce details for travel to our televised Premier League match away to Manchester United on Sunday 24 February 2019, kick-off 2.05pm.

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Fulham FC away

Spirit of Shankly are pleased to announce details for travel to our televised Premier League match away to Fulham on Sunday 17 March 2019, kick-off 2.15pm.

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Season ticket amnesty

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Manchester United away

Spirit of Shankly are pleased to announce details for travel to our televised Premier League match away to Manchester United on Sunday 24 February 2019, kick-off 2.05pm.

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Roma away prices

On Friday 20 April, tickets go on sale for the away leg of Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League semi-final against Roma. Once again, as happened against Porto earlier in the competition, Liverpool fans are being asked to pay a premium.

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Public meeting to discuss ticket changes

Last year, LFC announced a change to their supporter engagement. Alongside the appointment of Tony Barrett as Head of Club and Supporter Liaison, they established five fan forums to consult and engage on issues that affect us. Spirit of Shankly have representatives on each of these forums and, as always, we will continue to put forward the views of our members and fan interests.

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